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The Least Common Food Allergies

There really is no such thing as a minimum common food allergies. People can be sensitive to everything. Sometimes they can have a reaction one time and then be well the next time they eat this product.

A group of 100 people you can find one or two people with an allergy unusual, but pick a different crowd of 100 and the second group could be sensitive to something completely different from the first group of allergens.

In addition, different parts of the world still shows a different pattern of allergies. Unique, all types of foods are native to your area, more people are sensitive to these types of food. Some good examples of this are:

    * Allergy to sesame seeds is widespread in Canada and France, but often almost non-existent in other parts of the world
    * Wheat and gluten are very present in the United States but it is a hidden allergen in China
    * Rice allergies are very high but in China, but very low in the U.S.

This type of scenario does not happen in every part of the world. Regardless of the types of food are abundant in an agricultural area or a region in transformation, it is usually a staple diet of the population. The proximity of this source of food sensitivity in races when the local population.

Mistaken allergens?

What all this make sense?

Many people may believe they have a milk allergy even when the person is tested while back negative. Additional testing, usually with a different set of doctors, still leads to a lack of positive results. But why does this person still show signs of an allergy whenever they eat dairy products?

The road to an answer is often long and difficult to decipher.

Dairy products generally come from the cow. Follow the source back to the cow feed. Grass or grain they eat, antibiotics (penicillin is often used) is given, chemicals (herbicides and pesticides), it eats and so on. Some people need to source their food and know what it is in the background that is the cause of their allergic reactions.

Another frequently reported is the allergy to chocolate, but the reality is just none of the actual number of people with an allergy to chocolate. So why is it so often reported as a major allergen?

Chocolate is usually mixed with many other ingredients during the manufacturing process. Just think of the candy bar. Chocolate (cocoa beans), cream (dairy), soy lecithin (soy products), eggs (still in marshmallow products), wheat or gluten (from grains), peanuts or walnuts (either the finished product, or the concerns of cross contamination in the factory). This is just a small portion of possible ingredients that could be added to the chocolate. Each of these could also have been the cause of adverse reactions.

Manufacturer to another, they all use different formulas to make their special blends. Something in each of these factors could be disturbing.

Unusual circumstances common to certain age groups

To compound the problem, some allergens are often more common in certain age groups. Newborns and up to preschool age most often report sensitivity to dairy products, eggs and soy. Over 75% of these children if you exceed these allergies with age.

Basically, the term "more than an allergy" refers to the digestive system of children with age can be mature enough to handle proteins common to these food groups. An immature digestive system in a very young child has not developed enough to break and the process of these proteins at birth. Therefore many times, which can give problems early in life will not be as disturbing factor in subsequent years.

Some allergies but appear to be more serious than others. Peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish are often considered an allergy during the lives of many people. These types of allergies are more common in adults, but that does not mean children can not get them too.

Another unusual factor for many people, you can spend your whole life through your teens, 20, 30, 40 and to the ingestion of a product and then one day you seem to have a bad reaction. It can happen at any time, any age, without any warning. With food, many household chemicals (cleaning supplies), animals, toiletries and cosmetics and anything in your daily environment can now trigger a reaction.

So find a common allergen in at least a lot of people depends largely on where your lot is located now. Then you need to start separating those persons into groups in relation to where they came from.

United States, it is very unusual for a. Born and bred Northerner to have an allergy to cotton, yet if you have lived your whole life in the southern U.S. this allergen is not uncommon at all Many times, we grow as people sensitive to these elements we are close on an ongoing basis.




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